Sponsor the Win Third Coast Fishing Tournament


With prizes worth $10,000+ and 400+ entrants coming from 40 communities, the Third Coast Fishing Tournament is the largest one-day, cash fishing tournament in Texas. It has a great reputation and is growing by leaps and bounds.

Businesses associated with the tournament share in its wonderful reputations and the publicity it generates. The tournament is structured to be a promotional tool for the sponsors. While all proceeds go to Young Life in Corpus Christi, Young Life is not pushed to the foreground of any promotions or advertising. We have structured this tournament so our sponsors get maximum benefit from the promotions and advertising.


Sponsorship Levels


The Third Coast Fishing Tournament would not be possible without support from our generous sponsors. There are great incentives at every sponsorship level!


Title Sponsor


Maximum logo exposure
Maximum 16 entries at $1 each



Maximum 10 Entries at $1 each



Maximum 6 entries at $1 each



Maximum 4 entries at $1 each



Maximum 2 entries at $1 each



Maximum 1 entry at $1 each


All Sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Company logo and website will be advertised on winthirdcoast.com and our facebook page

  • Company logo printed on banners

  • Company logo on all printed material

  • Company logo printed on tournament shirts

  • Sponsors can buy entries for $1 each